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Slit Lamps and Imaging Solutions

Slit Lamps

  • SL-D701


    The SL-D701 is a digital slit lamp which can be used with conventional halogen illumination or with LED illumination.

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  • SL-D2


    The Topcon SL-D2 is a digital slit lamp with 3 magnifications.

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  • SL-D4


    The SL-D4 is part of Topcon’s digital slit lamp series. This digital slit lamp can be used as a conventional biomicroscope or as a slit lamp with seve...

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  • SL-D301


    The Topcon SL-D301 is a classic and economical slit lamp especially designed with the optometry clinic in mind.

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  • SL-2G


    The Topcon SL-2G slit lamp is a basic slit lamp in Topcon’s product range. The SL-2G has a LED light source which is economical and environmentally ...

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  • DC-4


    The DC-4 is a digital camera for capturing still images or videos, with a digital slit lamp for detailed analysis and diagnosis

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